A New Style of Publishing and Media Creation

What is Vbooks?

Vbooks is the service by Virtual Reflections to help writers get their work out and published in the virtual world.  The service provides the expertise to put the book on book distribution web sites like “Amazon.com,” “Barnes and Noble,” Apple’s “iBooks” and more.  Vbooks provides low cost ways to get the book out and supports the author by providing continuing service and assistance.

Why should I do this?

You have a book or music that you have created. You did not create it for your desk drawer, you created it to put out there and to make money. It may or may not make money in e-publishing , but it might. Some people make a full time income on e-books alone. Why wouldn’t you do it?

What is the least expensive way I can publish an e-book?

The way with the least ‘out of pocket”, is of course to do it all yourself. The expense there is your time learning, and your time doing everything that needs to be done. But if you’re not sure you can do it, or you don’t have the time, then our way is very inexpensive.

We can also put your books up with no “out of pocket” expenses. For 10% of the gross sales, we put the book up on these sites for you, and for another 5% we continue to deal with the sites (like Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble, etc ) and make sure things stay up and running. Your out of pocket expense is $0.00, but you pay us 15% of the income.

There is some work you have to do for this. You have to create a cover or authorize the use of a standardized cover. You will also have to write your own sales description (up to 4000 words).

How can I have the most control over my books?

For the most control, you want to have it all done and set up with your own ISBN and your own info. We can do that as well. We charge $100 per book per site to do the set up. We have it set up to an author email address and your name so when we finish, we give you the address and password, and it is all yours. You can call us in for more help or do the rest yourself.

Can I do all this myself?

Possibly if you are good at the internet and have models and artists and web designers available. But why bother? If you spend 30 hours setting it up, that is nearly a week out of your writing. Then you have maintenance issues. How much time do you want to spend maintaining the sales of your book instead of writing more books for more income? Which is more valuable to you, your time as a writer, or saving a few dollars to do it all yourself?